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The warm cushion of carpet comfort

At the Divine Design Center we believe that there is nothing quite as warm or inviting as a carpet flooring in a home. Visually, in essence, carpeting is the canvas of a room, depicting a homeowner's designing flair, and can speak volumes about the setting of a house. Are you looking to invest in the warmth of elegant underfoot cushioning? Then, look no further! Come to carpet heaven and be dazzled by our huge selection of carpeting

The many benefits of using carpet:

Add beauty & style to any room

At the Divine Design Center showroom, customers can select from a seemingly infinite array of carpet styles, colors, and prices. When it comes to choosing carpet, a homeowner's final choice will reflect how they wish to personalize their living space. At Divine Design Center, we believe that carpet can enhance the many attractive features of your home. Essentially, carpet can be a neutral foundation throughout a home, or draw attention as a focal point with the use of bold patterns, vibrant colors or delightful textures. How do you want your new carpet to look?
Improve the air quality in your home

Did you know that new carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring option available? Carpet traps dust, allergens, pollen and other particles, by acting as a passive air filter and removes them from the air. As studies have revealed, individuals with breathing issues, such as asthma and allergies, have seen their symptoms improve with carpet.
Add the comfort & warmth of carpet

Carpet, in colder seasons and climates, retains warm air for longer periods of time which conserves energy. It gives any room an overall warmer ambiance, all while providing families with a comfortable place to sit, play or work.
Luxury carpet in Paducah, KY from Divine Design Center
Increase security & lessen falls

Carpet is ideal for minimizing the potential for injuries and falls. It does so by cushioning footsteps, thus providing a better grip and, consequently, reducing slips and falls. Carpet provides protection and safety for the entire family, but particularly for toddlers and seniors
Reduce overall noise levels

Carpet helps absorb the sound of TVs, computers, speaker phones, and modern sound systems. By adding the cushioned padding of a carpet, you can reduce noise significantly. Additionally, carpet also acts as a sound barrier, limiting and lessening sound transmission between floors and masking constant foot traffic noise.Are you in the market for carpet? Then come and visit the Divine Design Center showroom in Peducah, KY and check out what carpet options we have to offer! Come in; you won't believe how many carpet samples the Divine Design Center has for you!

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