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Hardwood: Classic Style, Timeless Elegance

Why should you choose hardwood flooring for your latest renovation project? Well, that's simple! Hardwood flooring can add that classic style, charming look, or timeless elegance you want for your home. It's true; wood floors do look classy and timeless. But, did you also know that hardwood gains character as it ages?

At the Divine Design Center, there are tons of hardwood flooring choices available. We know that choosing the right hardwood flooring is essential for you. It is, undoubtedly, a financial investment that you don't take lightly. That's why, if you are still unsure about what hardwood flooring would be best for your renovation requirements, the Divine Design Center team is here to help!

The charm & appeal of hardwood flooring:

What is there not to love about hardwood? The natural grain marks, the beautiful colors, the solid durability; it all adds such charm and appeal to your home. Hardwood has a uniqueness to it; a quality that is never quite duplicated in any other natural or man-made flooring material.

The timeless quality of hardwood flooring:

It's easy to create an elegant, inviting environment in your home when you choose natural solid hardwood flooring. High-quality hardwood floors, with their distinct characteristics, add a rich, everlasting appeal to any room.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Metropolis, KY from Divine Design Center

The durability of high-quality hardwood:

Did you know that hardwood flooring can be manufactured with stain-resistant finishes? Depending upon your preference, these modern floorings can be stain, scratch and fade resistant. As well, some hardwood flooring comes in a matte or glossy finish, which gives the wood an appealing, modern look.

The character of classic hardwood flooring:

There's a timeless appeal in each wood plank. The natural marks, grains, and color variation give it a truly unique allure. Nowadays, there are endless hardwood flooring choices, with options that include maple, hickory, pine, walnut, and birch. At Divine Design Center, you are sure to find the best variety of hardwood flooring suitable for your home makeover projects.

In addition to offering a vast array of hardwood flooring, we can also arrange for flooring installation services. It's full service at Divine Design Center! If you live in the Peducah, KY region, come on by our showroom, and we would be more than happy to talk about hardwood flooring with you.

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