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How a simple quartz countertop can transform your kitchen

If you’re looking for a new countertop for your kitchen remodel, why not consider a quartz countertop? The benefits you’ll gain will help in every aspect, including stain resistance, strength, resistance to chipping and cracking, and ease of maintenance, just to name a few. It only makes sense to choose a material that truly works for you, and this one certainly does. At the same time, you won’t’ be left lacking when it comes to decor and designability. It fits the mold of everything a good countertop material should be.

Divine Design Center is a family-owned and operated business that uses Philippians 4:13 as a driving principle behind our service. When you shop at our Paducah, KY showroom, you can expect honesty, integrity, and a wide selection of materials and services, all designed to cater to your very specific needs. Our associates will match you with excellent products based on your requirements and preferences, and we’ll help you stay within the confines of your budget as well. We currently serve communities such as Paducah, Mayfield, Ledbetter, Benton, Grand Rivers, and Eddyville in KY, and Metropolis and Brookport in IL. Feel free to visit us today.
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Do you really need a quartz countertop?

Known as more of a high-end material, a quartz countertop might seem a little over the top if you’re trying to stay within the confines of a budget. However, when you consider all the benefits you’ll reap from the counter, as well as the lifespan it will provide, it starts to make a lot more sense. You can also save money in other ways such as sealing. The resins used to create this product make a separate sealing unnecessary.

You’ll love the fact that your new quartz countertop is incredibly hard and nonporous as well. You’re much less likely to damage this surface, even with heavy use, and some are made with antibacterials built-in for a healthier space that makes it even better for use in your kitchen and easier to keep clean and sanitary.

If color and design is a major factor for you, you’re still in luck with your new quartz countertop. You’ll get the excellent appearance options you expect from products like these, including the natural “chaotic” stone look that makes it popular. With quartz, however, you’ll find fewer imperfections throughout, making it more stable and long-wearing.